Lancers at Borcea

Romania received a large number of MiG-21's (around 320) between 1962 and 1981 . The country received MiG-21's of the following subtypes: MiG-21F-13, MiG-21PF, MiG-21PFM, MiG-21R, MiG-21M, MiG-21MF, MiG-21U, MiG-21US and MiG-21UM. A total of 114 (or 115) MiG-21M, -MF and -UM were updated to Lancer-standard by Aerostar S.A at Bacau. These aircraft still fly from the airbases of Bacau, Cimpia Turzii, Borcea and Timisoara. It is planned a squadron of Lancers will start operating from Mihail Kogalniceanu in the near future. The last unmodified MiG-21 aircraft, of the PFM-subvariant,were withdrawn from use in the summer of 2002 when their airbase at Deveselu was closed. A large number of unmodified MiG-21's from various subtypes are in storage at Craiova awaiting an uncertain future. With the withdrawal of the MiG-23 and MiG-29 from the Romanian inventory the MiG-21 Lancer is currently Romania's only fighter and will continue to fly till the year 2010. This makes it likely Romania will be the last European MiG-21 operator.

Romanian AF MiG-21 types

Only the Romanian AF MiG-21UM & Lancer-pages are available now. Depending on the feedback received lists of the other types will also be made available.


MiG-21 Lancer

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