Latest Update: 31 December 2003

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NEWS (31 December 2003)

Yesterday HO-42 Gazela number 12665 from 714.pohe (homebased at Ladjevci, Serbia) crashed in the town of Kragujevac while delivering Santa Claus to a school. Four persons onboard, including Santa Claus, were injured.

NEWS (31 December 2003)

The Bangladesh airforce has ordered an additional 12 L-39ZA Albatros aircraft for delivery in 2004.

NEWS (31 December 2003)

The Bulgarian MoD is close to terminating the contract for the upgrade of the MiG-29. Instead it will turn its attention to modernising the fleet of Mi-17 and Mi-24 helicopters.

NEWS (31 December 2003)

Polish AF MiG-21s made their last operational flights on 18 December.

NEWS (13 November 2003)

This morning Colonel Jozsef Lanecker (45) and Captain Gabor Szasz (44) of the Hungarian Airforce were killed when the Yak-52 they were flying crashed near homebase Szolnok.

NEWS (16 May 2003)

Major Anatoly Todorov Polyankov from 3 IAB Graf Ignatievo/Bulgarian Airforce perished today when the MiG-21bis he was piloting crashed.

NEWS (16 May 2003)

The M28 Bryza maritime patrol aircraft of Polish Naval Aviation which is planned to show up at RIAT 2003 at Fairford will be painted in the 1944-colours of 304 Coastal Command Squadron.

NEWS (11 May 2003)

The Slovenian Armed Forces took delivery of two AS 532AL Cougar helicopters on 26 April. Both are based at Brnik and carried delivery registrations F-ZKBB and F-ZKBO.

NEWS (5 May 2003)

The first updated MiG-21bis aircraft (MiG-21 Lancer-3) were delivered to the Croatian AF last month. They will also receive four 'new' twoseaters, bought 'somewhere'in the former Soviet Union.

NEWS (5 March 2003)

On the 25th of February the last of the Polish Navy colourful TS-11 Iskra's made the final 11-minute flight from Siemirowice bringing to a close half a century of jet-operations by Polish Naval Aviation.

NEWS (19 February 2003)

Polish Navy MiG-21's last flew on the 30th of January. They have all been withdrawn from use and have been transferred to AMW-control. The last four servicable a/c were handed over to the airforce. Bye, bye Baltic beauties.

NEWS (30 January 2003)

In mid-January the last Polish MiG-21MF's were withdrawn from use flying their last missions from homebase Lask.

NEWS (30 January 2003)

The last Bulgarian MiG-23 fighters took to the skies at the end of November. All are grounded since bringing to a close MiG-23 operations in Europe!!

NEWS (30 January 2003)

The Romanian AF officially withdrew all its MiG-29 fighters in early January. They had already been grounded since last year and are up for sale now.

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