UPDATED 12 December 2004

Updated 12 March 2005

Aviation has changed our lives. Traveling to another side of the planet today is a normal thing and it's done every day. In history before airplanes, which was only a century ago, that was a feat for the records! And not only for travel but aviation has changed the way we war too, for good and for bad. Modern war aircraft are machines for mass destruction, but they also can help us keep peace in distant territories. Of course, like everything it depends on us how we use them. I was always been fascinated by airplanes and anything that flies. On this page, you will find many interesting things about planes but also everything related to them like aviation-themed slots games, which you can try for free with the exclusive free $50 no deposit bonus for all our readers. For start here are some interesting facts from aviation that I think will pique your interest.

The Shortest Flight

The shortest plane trip in the world takes only 90 seconds maximum! This journey, less than three kilometers, is between the islands of Westrey and Papa Westrey, in Scotland. Logonair, the airline that carries it out, specializes in flights between the various Scottish isles. When the winds are favorable, the journey can even last less than a minute.

The Longest Flight

The longest route was completed by Singapor Airlines between New York and Singapore in 18 hours and 55 minutes. However, this flight has not been operational since 2013 and the longest flight is now made between London and the Sultanate of Brunei in 17 hours and 20 minutes.

The Smallest Plane

Did you know that the smallest plane ever built has a wing only 4.9 meters long? It is called Cri-Cri, more often nicknamed Cricket. The machine weighs only 70 kg and was designed by French engineer Michel Comban in 1970. How about a quick trip with the most impressive airplane themed slot games powered by the iSoftBet software provider? Come aboard on the best games inspired by this airplane model and enjoy them for free on top-rated French casino sites.

The Largest Plane

With a wingspan of 88 meters and a total weight of 640 tonnes, the Antonov AN-225 "Myriya" is the largest and heaviest aircraft in aviation history. The aircraft was used to transport the Buran space shuttle from the time of the USSR.

The Oldest Airline

The oldest airline in the world operating under the same name is almost a century old! KLM, the Dutch company, was created in 1919, just after the First World War. Another surprising fact about KLM: for twenty years the King of the Netherlands flew flights for KLM, but incognito.

The Cheapest Air Ticket

The cheapest air ticket was bought on Ryanair, which offered return flight Strasbourg / London for € 5.98. Indeed, it is not surprising for this company known for its low prices to offer flash sales, and passengers can, therefore, sometimes go on weekends for less than a metro ticket for two people!

The Most Expensive Plane Ticket

The Etihad company offers the most expensive ticket in the world. For prices ranging from € 10,000 to over € 20,000, you can book a one-way trip to a suite called "The Residence". By reserving this cabin, you will have your own living room, your bedroom, and a shower room. A butler and a chef will also be at your disposal during the flight. A quick way to getting that ticket is the Riviera Casino site that will ensure you get the best deals and a fair chance of winning big. Check out their review and you will be reassured that this is the best course of action.