Argentinian Skyhawk and Brazilian AMX formation
Between 7 and 20 November 2004, the Brazilian airbases of Campina Grande, Fortaleza, Mossoro, Natal and Recife played host to the participants of exercise CRUZEX 2004.
Skyhawk take-off


The Argentinian Airforce sent six A-4AR Skyhawks and one KC-130H to Natal. A B707 and L-100 Hercules were used to fly in personnel and equipment.

Argentinian AF KC-130
Skyhawk in the last light of the day
Mirage 2000N


Only European participant in this year's edition of CRUZEX was the Armee de l'Air. Seven Mirage 2000s, one C-135 and an E-3F operated from Natal.

C-135FR about to touch down
E-3F AWACS at Natal
Venezuelan Mirage 50EV


The airforce of Venezuela sent a large delegation to participate in the exercise. Five F-16s, three Mirage 50s and two Cougars flew to Brasil.

Cougar of the FAV F-16A touching down at Natal
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