Latest Update: 13 July 2002

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NEWS (13 July 2002)

On the 9th of July three Bulgarian MiG-23MLDs (204, 211 & 219) first flew with new markings consisting of a sharkmouth and eyes. The markings were painted on for the 90th anniversary airshow of the BVVS.

NEWS (13 July 2002)

Polish Naval Aviation will go through some severe changes in the near future. Following the withdrawal of most MiG-21s and TS-11 Iskry three squadrons will be disbanded. At the end of this year the DLMWs (divisions) will disband and only eskadry (squadrons) will form the LMW. The first to reform will be B-eskadra from Siemirowice becoming 30 Eskadra LMW.

NEWS (15 June 2002)

The Polish AF painted MiG-21MF 9111 in F-16 colours. The front fuselage and tailfin are light grey while the mid and aft fuselage section are dark grey. It carries a Falcon-head in grey on the tail.

NEWS (15 June 2002)

The Bulgarian airbases of Chesnegirovo, Dobritch and Stara Zagora were officially closed on 14 June.

NEWS (15 June 2002)

The Slovak AF has grounded the Su-22 and Su-25 fleet at homebase Kuchyna. If this is temporary remains to be seen.

NEWS (7 June 2002)

A Polish Airforce PZL-130TC Orlik crashed wednesday 5 June 2002 near homebase Radom. Both pilots ejected safely.

NEWS (2 June 2002)

The Bulgarian AF remains the only user of the MiG-23 Flogger after the Romanian AF phased out the three remaining airworthy Floggers.

NEWS (2 April 2002)

Another Romanian AF MiG-21 Lancer crashed 26 March. The pilot, Lt Catalin Miclos (27) from Grupul 71 ejected safely before the aircraft crashed five kilometres from its homebase Cimpia Turzii in the province of Cluj. More details (including numbers) at my Romanian AF MiG-21 Lancer page.

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